Top 5 Recommended Double Din Stereos

As a vehicle owner, the monotony of driving every day to work can be boring. A car stereo is a good way to remain entertained alongside your passengers. Unfortunately, many are oblivious to the range of choice available that can liven up your driving experience. A formidable car stereo livens long distance trips. The Recommended Double Din Stereo offers a barrage of possibilities perfected with cutting edge technology.

Top 5 recommended double din stereos

fdgdfgdfgfdgfdgfdgThe double din head unit rests on the stereo head center. This is right on the dashboard, in between the front passenger seat and the driver. This small box contains electronics related to your speaker system. They are commonly used today and are internationally recognized. Briefly described are the top 5 recommended Double Din Stereo available.

JVC KW-R910BT Car Audio 2 Din

The R910BT offers more than your standard car stereo. Users can play CDs and tune into terrestrial radio services. You can synchronize with Android and Apple products. You can also play music from your mobile devices. The two USB ports and wireless Bluetooth connectivity enable the synchronization. This provides unlimited access to the music library setup. Users can stream satellite radio on the device via iHeartRadio and SiriusXM among others.

The Pioneer AVH- X2600BT 2 Din Unit

This Pioneer stereo offers a wide range of options for users. Most notable is the DVD player with an incredible touch screen resolution. Whichever movie you decide to watch, the touchscreen controls are easier to operate from the beginning to the end.

Music lovers are drawn to its extra bass. The option-loaded equalizer and flagship MIXTRAX program can convert the music library into an incredible club mix. The Bluetooth support smartphone integration ensures it remains eye and hands-free. The X2600BT delivers an unlimited range of capabilities suitable for the modern day driver.

Pioneer AVH-X4700BS 2 Din Unit

The AVH-X4700BS stereo head is perfect for smartphone enthusiasts. Capable of synchronizing with Apple and Android, you can easily connect your smartphone through the one cable opening. This enables you to play music and videos on your stereo head. Besides, you can control some applications. The device accommodates GPS and works great with traffic related apps. The X4700BS streams radio via your smartphone or its special audio box.

Kenwood DPX-500BT 2 Din-In-Dash Unit

fdgdfgdfgfdgfdgfdgDespite lacking a touchscreen, this Kenwood stereo set from Kenwood offers great control. Other features are its Bluetooth connectivity, iPhone, iPod control as well as Pandora radio support. When using your phone book button on the face of your stereo head, you will be able to access the iPhone contacts courtesy of the Siri controls. The support for top streaming radio services such as iHeartRadio and SiriusXM is possible.

Pioneer FH-X720BT 2 Din Unit

The X720BT offers utility and affordability. This model has integrated Bluetooth, which is perfect for family use. The device offers CD player, USB device connectivity, and terrestrial radio alongside MP3 connectivity. Pioneer has the MIXTRAX program that can offer a non-stop club mix.

The decision on which double din stereo is best suited depends on the user. The big brands who have several years of operation deliver the best products.…


What You Should Know About Motorcycle Clothing

“Safety first,” ought to be the first thing for each rider. This is because riding a motorcycle can be quite dangerous. Usually, people shy from the safety gear because they feel restrictive and bulky. Even if the safety gear may not look cool, riders fail to realize that it can save their lives. Fortunately, the motorcycle industry has matched the changes and meeting the standards set by relevant authorities. Thus, it is possible to purchase an effective gear that looks safe and cool.

tgwedc6hyw7su2Motorcycle clothing equipment makes riding comfortable and safe experience which cannot be achieved without the use of proper gear. Riders ought to note that their safety is dependent on them. This is because motorcycles do not have safety measures such as airbags found in cars. Thus, it is necessary for every rider to have the required motorcycle clothing.

Essential motorcycle apparel


The majority of riders underestimate the importance of gloves to riders. Other than minimizing risk to hands in case of an accident, they help riders have a better grip in moist conditions. Moreover, during warm weather, they protect your hands from sun burns.


The rider’s feet are some of the areas that are most prone to injuries. Thus, without appropriate equipment like sturdy boots, there is nothing a biker can do so as to protect his or her feet. Nowadays, there are several innovative boots that are meant to protect biker’s feet during an accident. They can help in comfortable braking and gear shifting.


This is a useful piece of motorcycle clothing, which nearly every rider can own. In fact, there is nothing cool like having a motorcycle jacket particularly a leather one. In fact, this type of clothing can come at handy in case of an accident. This is because it is designed to absorb a lot of impact and can protect you against sliding on rough surfaces.twegdc6hwe78duik22


You need a suit that has aerodynamic properties. Other than absorbing impact, it can offer protection when you slide on the road’s surface. You can purchase a leather suit or Kevlar. Each type has its unique characteristics.


This is an important gear that you should have. This is because it protects the head, which is the most important part of the body. Without a helmet, even a minor accident can become a life threatening situation.…


What We Do…

The Toy Run benefits MHMR of Tarrant County & Christian Community Action, where the toys are distributed to hundreds of underprivileged and challenged children all over the Metroplex. All monies collected are earmarked for educational needs & recreational use only.



“A Brief History”

The “Tampa diggers” Toy Run began in 1986 and benefitted the Crossroads Development Center of Haltom City.

There were 209 bikes and 247 participants in that first Toy Run. 82 children were given gifts and the run began at The Harley Center in Arlington and DM Best in Fort Worth. The bikes then met at Diggers in Fort Worth and traveled to Haltom High to meet the children.

The name was officially changed to the Tarrant County Toy Run in 1987.

In the year 2000, the legal name was to the Tarrant/Dallas County Toy Run to honor Dallas County’s contribution and include our 5013C (non-profit) status. We then adopted the name “THE BIG TEXAS TOY RUN” since that’s what everybody in this great state calls it.

A Tribute

Sara Louise “Pepper” Turner Pepper.jpg (117445 bytes) Oct 4, 1959 – Sept 1, 1992

In 1986, Sara “Pepper” Turner was working at Crossroads Development Center, a small private group home for mentally retarded children. She became involved in her local ABATE group (which later became a TAMPA chapter), and her chapter wanted suggestions for a Christmas project. She knew immediately that she wanted the group to “do something for my kids”.

Over the next 16 years, through the hard work of many special people, that one idea of hers has blossumed and grown into Texas Biggest Toy Run and has helped thousands of children to have a truly special Christmas.

Pepper had a wonderful, giving spirit and is missed by all who knew her. She freely gave her genuine, un-selfish love to so many children throughout her career. This run is a perfect example that one person who cares can really make a difference in this world. Her family and friends are very proud of her part in all of this, but we’re sure Pepper is just as proud of each and every one of you for continuing to care about “her kids” by demonstrating your support each year with your presence and generousity.

God Bless You All,
The family of “Pepper” Turner

One of a Kind

This run is one of a kind, it has no official sponsorship from any source and is the only run in the United States to organize in two cities simultaneously and converge in one place. In addition this run is truly unique in that no one group of motorcyclists organizes and executes this event, it is a cooperative effort of independents, clubs and organizations from all walks of the Biking Community, and we appreciate everyone one of you!

“Rain or Shine”

“This is a rain or shine event” is a saying that is proudly displayed on our event flyer. The reason is simple…Santa has to come at Christmas. It’s that simple. Motorcyclists over the years have not only braved the seasonal cold, but also, in the case of the 10th years run, faced a sleet storm. That year, to the amazement of the organizers 5,000 motorcycles and approximately 8,000 people were present. This shows the love and dedication the participants have for the groups and especially the children we benefit.

“It’s not just for Christmas Anymore”

Now you and your group can
“Help Us Help The Kids”
Throughout the year!!

The incredible amount of participants who attend this event yearly proves the committment of local motorcyclists to our cause. However, “Our Kids” need your involvement to enjoy recreational and educational services year round.

We encourage all individuals, groups and organizations to consider our cause when planning their charitable fund-raising events. After all, this charity was conceived, is produced and administrated by bikers. We hope you will consider these good reasons to think of “Our Kids” to benefit from your contributions and efforts.

If you, your group or business are interested in planning an event to benefit or underwrite a portion of the run or it’s activities, please contact us at 817-460-5497 or via e-mail at nastynick5@hotmail.com.…