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A Look at the Best Towing Service Provider

If you own a car, you will probably need towing services at one time or another. Vehicles can break down even with the best maintenance and careful driving. Worst still, they can get involved in an accident without the owner’s fault. Having a reliable towing service provider like towing Markham experts will make things easy when you are in a problem. You need them to respond fast and deliver your car to the garage without causing any further damage. For these reasons, we have compiled insights on how the best towing service provider should look like.

They should have towing equipment

towing a carIf one decides to start a towing company, then the first tool of work is the towing vehicle. These are heavy trucks that are fitted with powerful towing equipment. They have to meet some safety standards, which the government sets. In fact, no one gets a license before these vehicles are inspected and proved that they can work efficiently without posing a safety risk. Such a service provider should also have enough tracks to sufficiently meet the demands of the people who need them.

They should have working documents

When it comes to towing business, there are a couple of documents and certifications that one needs. First, the license to operate is a very necessary. They are issued by the relevant authority after one proves that they are ready to work. The authority officials visit your operations center to inspect the condition of the trucks, staff and other set qualifications. An insurance cover both for your team and the vehicles you will be towing makes you a reliable service provider. Finally, it is good to have accreditation from various bodies. They make the business more reputable and trusted.

They should have trained staff

Nothing propels a business to high performance than a well-trained team. Towing is a risky job that calls for skills and experience. On a day to day work, the staff will be chaining, clamping, lifting and towing different vehicles. They must understand the set standards and never compromise on any as it can cause harm to them and other motorists on the road. Frequent training is, therefore, one of the best ways to maintain a team that knows what they are doing.

They should have excellent customer care

towing servicesPeople in need of towing services are already in some kind of a problem. Vehicles break down is not something to be happy about. Therefore, they need a listening ear and a great customer care desk help them with the problem they have. Answering of phone calls should not only be prompt but followed by a caring voice. Reputable towing companies always have a solution for their clients especially those in their database.

They should have connections

When a client calls, you may not have a free towing truck to help them out. They may also be further away than you can easily help and this means that you need to recommend. Only a towing company with links is in a great position to link clients with a reliable service provider when they are not in a position to offer services.

Make sure that your towing service provider has these qualities to warrant smooth services whenever the need arises.




Finding the best car speakers is surely no easy task but let’s try and find out the ones that perfectly suits your requirements. The market for car speakers is flooded with choices ranging from audiophile level to budget friendly woofers. This makes your choice very complex but doesn’t worry, and help is right here. Best car speakers – Gear4wheels is a great source that can help you take a right decision that is suitable for both you and your car.

Separate sound system

22bjsdhkfhkWhy do we need to buy external speakers for our cars? The first question that might come to our mind is that why do we need to buy a separate sound system for our car as our vehicle might already have one installed. The answer lies in an obvious logic. The quality of a sound system in a car is not the foremost priority of the automobile makers. They give more importance to features like power, mileage, efficiency, and design of the car. Most of the times very low-quality products are used that give a very bad user experience. Paper cones are used that don’t even last ten days.

Better music

Now if you are ready for a better music and overall driving experience, its time to upgrade your speakers to an aftermarket sound system. You will be able to listen to tones and sound you have never heard before. The aftermarket speakers provide you with a better overall design. You will have a lot of choices, and you can decide what goes best with your car interiors.

There are many parameters by which you can decide which one of the speakers best suits your need


Size is an important factor in deciding which speaker will best go in the insides of your car. The speakers come in various size and you can checkout the different sizes of the model of your preference and select the one that fulfills your requirements and gets it installed in your car.

RMS rating

RMS rating is another important factor in choosing the speakers for your car. You can check the RMS ratings of different models of different sizes at Best car speakers -Gear4wheels. Normally the audio system that comes preinstalled in your automobile has very poor RMS rating and ruins the music experience sucking out all the joy and fun from driving your beauty.


33mbdhfgjdkhkjAny upgrade that you do to your pre-installed audio system will make you realize the difference, but if you want to hear the actual great sounds, then you need to power your new speakers with either a four channel or a five channel amplifier. This upgrade will become male you realize the sheer beauty of music, and you will be lost in its essence.

Best car speakers – Gear4wheels is the place where you need to be. It provides a direct comparison between the best speakers and helps you make the right and informed decision. You can find all the relevant information about the different models of speakers here. You will be spoiled for choice.

Just keep the above points in mind, and you will be fine in the purchase of your brand new speakers that give you the best music experience. So get ready to have a fantastic driving experience in your cars with great music. What else does one want.


Ultimate Guide To Find The Right Trade Car Insurance

If you are working in the motor trade industry, then a trade car insurance policy is one of the aspects that you should not overlook. That said, if you are looking for motor trade insurance here are a few things you should consider before taking up the insurance cover. 

Take note of the small print


Before you take out any insurance plan, it’s important to take note of the small print that contains the terms and conditions. This is vital since it outlines everything that you need to know about the policy and you wouldn’t miss out on anything. Also, consider printing the contract and keeping it somewhere else, or you can have a copy sent to your mail. This way, it makes it easier to refer back if you forget or you are unsure of the details on the motor trade policy.

Review your policy on a regular basis

If you review the policy on a regular basis, it will enable you to determine whether you are getting value for your money. Take note that insurance deals change depending on the time of the year and how long they have been in use. All these details should be checked when speaking to your insurance broker and you shouldn’t hesitate to check whether there are any discounts or promotions available.

Think about what you need to cover

Depending on the nature of the business clients will need to cover different things within the trade car insurance policy. Whether you are looking to cover your employees or insure your vehicles, there is always a cover to suit your needs. Additionally, with a combined trade car insurance you can cover both your employees and vehicles in a single policy. Also, your payments will be worked out in a single bill which makes it easier to factor into your firm’s monthly outgoings.

Settle for the right insurance company

When selecting a trade car insurance, you should ensure that it provides adequate cover. The company you settle for should have a good understanding of your business model and need to offer solutions that are tailored to your needs. The right company will save you money and time which is vital when running your own business.

Consider your budget


Before you take on any trade car insurance policy, you should be aware of how much the policy is going to cost you. There is no need of going for a policy that you won’t afford, or that might get you in a tricky situation when it’s time to pay.



How to sell your house

Many homeowners may lack funds to involve external real estate agencies when they are selling their homes. On a different note, if you are planning to sell your house without the help of a real estate agent, then this article is for you. Now, before you post a sign in your yard that says home for sale by owner, follow the three important considerations to help you ease the process of selling your home.


Impressions Matter A Lot

Apparently, people buy homes because they like them. Thus, if you do not want your house to linger for so long, then use high-quality images when you advertise it for sale. In addition, you must rely on professional advertising services to help create an appealing commercial. This advice applies when you want to rely on ads to sell the property. Furthermore, the online marketplace for your city is the most likely place for finding buyers. Thus, you must handle each interaction with potential customers in a professional manner. Always keep in mind that your approach has a significant effect on the purchaser.

A Strategic Online Presence Is Vital

In order to sell your home fast, you must reach many potential buyers. Nowadays, people go online to check house listings when they want to buy. For this reason, many sellers are now considering the homes for sale by owner option instead of acquiring the services of real estate agents. In fact, all they need to do is post their ads online. However, you must make sure you list all the significant sites that cover your neighborhood. In addition, it is worth noting that some listings are free, but they also come with premium packages that you might want to consider for additional benefits. Moreover, if you are using online advertisements, make sure you target them to a particular group that will most likely inquire about the house.


After listing, you should also engage people on social media channels to direct them to the listing page of your home. That way, you expose more people to the idea that you are selling your home that might fit their needs. A good thing with online marketing through social networking channel is that it offers you to a broad audience at low cost.

Use Correct Pricing As Per Market Trends

When it comes to selling a house, the owner must understand the dynamics of the market. As expected, a premium home can attract a higher price than the average market rates. In addition, the presence of other additional amenities may also improve the value of the house.  Thus, when setting a price, make sure you provide a justification and try to address any resistance that buyers might show.


Ways To Sell Your Used Car

If you are thinking of selling your used car, there are a lot of ways on how you can sell it. This is through newspaper ads, car dealerships, there are online services and even professional car buying services. There are a lot of places and ways on how you can sell your car without difficulties, and you will realize that you will sell it in an easier way than you had thought.

The only problem comes on when choosing the best avenue to use in selling it as soon as possible, given that people like to buy cars for sale by owner, hence the need to eliminate middlemen. But it is advisable that before you decide the avenue to use, you make sure that you have outweighed all the options at hand carefully. But still, there are easy ways to sell your used car on your own without a professional. You can place a for sale sign on the window of your car who knows you might end up finding a potential buyer that easily. Below are the ways to sell your used car.

Selling your vehicle

List newer features


If your car has new features like the GPS capability, all the power features and anything latest in the market, you should ensure that you put that in a list. Ensure that you list them in your advertisement. A lot of people love the idea of getting a lot of features with a used car that they failed to get in a new car. This will be to your advantage because you will be able to sell your car in the easiest way possible because a lot of people love to get extra things when they are purchasing something.

Under value

When you list your vehicle just touch under its retail value, you can advertise it as an amazing deal. All you are required to do is to list your price, and this will be a great way of attracting potential buyers. Look at your used car’s value and remember that even the least amount of money can be an under value. By putting this aspect into consideration, you will realize that you will sell your used car quickly to someone who appreciates a great deal.

List your car on the internet

This is one of the best ways to sell your car easily. There are websites on the web that are only used in the selling of cars. Remember with the internet you can be assured of reaching a lot of people. It is the same as advertising on a newspaper because many people read a newspaper too and you can be assured of getting potential buyers. On the internet include your phone details, and you will realize that you may receive a lot of phone calls to do with your advertisement.

Advertise on your local newspaper

lsndlvslkdvlksdklvsakldvnlksandvlknsadlvkasdvasdvThis is one of the easiest ways of selling your used car. It is not an easy method because you might endanger yourself and your family because even thugs read newspapers. When you use newspaper, you should ensure that your car is insured so that anybody driving your vehicle is covered in case of an accident.


Lights for your vehicle

The Northpole Light LED bar has 180W and is 32 inch in size. It provides a combination of both flood and spotlights. This makes it perfect for any off-road venture. The light bar is easy to mount on any car, off road vehicle, truck, Jeep, or SUV and cab be put into many other uses. This is a high-quality product that provides bright light to people’s paths, road, trail, waterway, or work site.

The light bar can be mounted under and onto a bumper, cargo, rack, windshield, and mounting bar. It shines bright light in front of you to ensure safety and to minimize surprises. Despite the 180 watts of power, it is enough to illuminate many activities. The light bar’s housing material is built from diecast material, a strong and durable material. Moreover, it has a waterproof rate of IP67 to ensure that it lasts for long.

There are much more reasons why this light bar was built to last. It comes with stainless steel mounting bracket which is adjustable. The lenses are shatterproof for safety and endurance to harsh conditions. More to being waterproof, the light bar is shockproof, anti-corrosive, and dustproof. This makes it a good option for your shopping or your first bar, or a looking for a 32- inch light bar.


Features and Specifications

The Northpole light bar is known for its power, overall design and quality. The design comprises adjustable mounting brackets which are stainless steel and complete with screws, and lens that is shatterproof and encased in an aluminum housing of black color. The operation voltage of this unit is 10 V to 30V which allows for power consumption that is low for up to 30,000 hrs.

The brackets are able to slide to the bottom inside a track, where you can position and lock it as you wish. It is very simple to install it in most areas. It is an ideal alternative for cars, trucks and other vehicles that must select their sizing wisely, but still, need to achieve the same results of sufficient lighting. Using this light LED bar guarantees better lighting than the standard headlights only.

Water Resistance

3But it is not only waterproof; it is anti-corrosive, shock-proof and dustproof. It is has a durable built and hence cannot be damaged easily. The diecast aluminum is both robust and durable. Moreover, the bar’s color temperature is 6000K. This emits a true white glow as opposed to yellow or blue alternatives. This gives you the most visibility away from tiring or straining your eyes.

The lens is made from polycarbonate, which is famous for being close to unbreakable. This will enhance the rugged look of your off-road car. If you need more info check Northpole Light review to learn more.

The Northpole Light bar is quite superior in terms of expense and effectiveness of its efficiency, design, and quality. It is an ideal addition to any vehicle and can have many purposes. It is more energy efficient and less costly than other designs. It is an ecofriendly design that consumes low power. This light bar will serve in more than one use.




Best Tips When Choosing A Car Dash Cam

Since they are so many dash cams to choose from it will be hard to decide on one. There are features that you have to look out for so that you will be able to narrow down the number of dash cam in the market. There are a lot of decision making that you have to make so that to select the one that will be able to fit all the needs that you have. If you don’t have the best tips to follow that will guide you through the decision then it will make you go back in the market after few weeks because the dash camera will stop working. Click here for the Cobra CDR895D HD 1080p Dual Car Dash Cam Review. Here is a list of the best tips when choosing a car dash cam.

The size


One mistake that you should not make is select a car dash camera that is big. Because it will affect you so much when you are traveling because instead on concentrating on the road you will concentrate on the dash cam. Also, it will affect the block line of sight. If you are not one of the people that are not used on the road then the bigger the dash camera, the more you will be destructed. So pick the size wisely.

Loop recording

The loop recording will be the next best tip that will help you in making the decision when you are choosing the dash cam. Loop recording will help you so much when you are traveling on those long distance. The loop recording will also help when you have been in a crush, and you need the recording to help with checking the footage. The loop recording is the best feature to have if you want to show that you were not the cause of the crash when it occurred.

Impact sensor


It will be so helpful if you could have something that will help you in the detecting of the accidents before they even happen. But if you get a dash cam that has the impact sensor it will be so helpful in the detecting of the accidents. It will be so helpful because so even the feature of detecting the accident before it even occurs and if the cam were off it would turn it on automatically. So when you are choosing the next dash cam to buy then look for something that has the impact sensor because it will be so helpful.



The benefits of window tinting

There are a lot of us that get our windows tinted for various reasons. If it is for a car, then it will help take the glow from the heat off of you when you are driving. It will also protect your vehicle’s interior from the heat. We all know that having your windows tinted makes your car or truck look cool.

Did you know that you can get your windows tinted for your home? We all have that part of the house that gets hit by the sun during certain times of the day, allowing the heat from the sun to come in and get hot.

Window tinting

2You can go down to the auto part store and get your own window tinting kit to do your car or truck. However, it only comes in a six by 2-foot roll. You will have to cut it to fit, that is the hard part. After you have made your cut and are ready to apply it to the vehicle, you will have to squirt water and use a squeegee to make it stick to the window. After you have applied it, you then can cut it where you have the overhang.

If you mess up you will not be able to use that tint again; you will have to throw it away and start all over again.

Window tinting service

If you need tint to be put on your vehicle, then I suggest you let the pros handle that. When you come in to see them, they will ask you how much tint you want to go. They have four different types of window tinting.

  •  Smoky brown
  • light shade gray
  •  Limazine black
  •  mirror tint

State regulations

When it comes to each state, you are only allowed to go with a particular tint. Some shade is too dark, and the law won’t allow it to be put on your vehicle. Just give your local law enforcement a call, and they will be able to give you the shade that they will allow you to put on your car or truck.


House tinting

Perth Window Tinting will also come to your home and install the window tint. There is no law on how dark you can go for your home. This company will even come to your home to do your window tinting on your car or truck; they will tint anything that you want as long as it is glass.



Top 5 Recommended Double Din Stereos

As a vehicle owner, the monotony of driving every day to work can be boring. A car stereo is a good way to remain entertained alongside your passengers. Unfortunately, many are oblivious to the range of choice available that can liven up your driving experience. A formidable car stereo livens long distance trips. The Recommended Double Din Stereo offers a barrage of possibilities perfected with cutting edge technology.

Top 5 recommended double din stereos

fdfdgdfgdfgdfgdfgThe double din head unit rests on the stereo head center. This is right on the dashboard, in between the front passenger seat and the driver. This small box contains electronics related to your speaker system. They are commonly used today and are internationally recognized. Briefly described are the top 5 recommended Double Din Stereo available.

JVC KW-R910BT Car Audio 2 Din

The R910BT offers more than your standard car stereo. Users can play CDs and tune into terrestrial radio services. You can synchronize with Android and Apple products. You can also play music from your mobile devices. The two USB ports and wireless Bluetooth connectivity enable the synchronization. This provides unlimited access to the music library setup. Users can stream satellite radio on the device via iHeartRadio and SiriusXM among others.

The Pioneer AVH- X2600BT 2 Din Unit

This Pioneer stereo offers a wide range of options for users. Most notable is the DVD player with an incredible touch screen resolution. Whichever movie you decide to watch, the touchscreen controls are easier to operate from the beginning to the end.

Music lovers are drawn to its extra bass. The option-loaded equalizer and flagship MIXTRAX program can convert the music library into an incredible club mix. The Bluetooth support smartphone integration ensures it remains eye and hands-free. The X2600BT delivers an unlimited range of capabilities suitable for the modern day driver.

Pioneer AVH-X4700BS 2 Din Unit

The AVH-X4700BS stereo head is perfect for smartphone enthusiasts. Capable of synchronizing with Apple and Android, you can easily connect your smartphone through the one cable opening. This enables you to play music and videos on your stereo head. Besides, you can control some applications. The device accommodates GPS and works great with traffic related apps. The X4700BS streams radio via your smartphone or its special audio box.

Kenwood DPX-500BT 2 Din-In-Dash Unit

Despite lacking a touchscreen, this Kenwood stereo set from Kenwood offers great control. Other features are its Bluetooth connectivity, iPhone, iPod control as well as Pandora radio support. When using your phone book button on the face of your stereo head, you will be able to access the iPhone contacts courtesy of the Siri controls. The support for top streaming radio services such as iHeartRadio and SiriusXM is possible.

Pioneer FH-X720BT 2 Din Unit

fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgThe X720BT offers utility and affordability. This model has integrated Bluetooth, which is perfect for family use. The device offers CD player, USB device connectivity, and terrestrial radio alongside MP3 connectivity. Pioneer has the MIXTRAX program that can offer a non-stop club mix.

The decision on which double din stereo is best suited depends on the user. The big brands who have several years of operation deliver the best products.


What We Do…

The Toy Run benefits MHMR of Tarrant County & Christian Community Action, where the toys are distributed to hundreds of underprivileged and challenged children all over the Metroplex. All monies collected are earmarked for educational needs & recreational use only.



“A Brief History”

The “Tampa diggers” Toy Run began in 1986 and benefitted the Crossroads Development Center of Haltom City.

There were 209 bikes and 247 participants in that first Toy Run. 82 children were given gifts and the run began at The Harley Center in Arlington and DM Best in Fort Worth. The bikes then met at Diggers in Fort Worth and traveled to Haltom High to meet the children.

The name was officially changed to the Tarrant County Toy Run in 1987.

In the year 2000, the legal name was to the Tarrant/Dallas County Toy Run to honor Dallas County’s contribution and include our 5013C (non-profit) status. We then adopted the name “THE BIG TEXAS TOY RUN” since that’s what everybody in this great state calls it.

A Tribute

Sara Louise “Pepper” Turner Pepper.jpg (117445 bytes) Oct 4, 1959 – Sept 1, 1992

In 1986, Sara “Pepper” Turner was working at Crossroads Development Center, a small private group home for mentally retarded children. She became involved in her local ABATE group (which later became a TAMPA chapter), and her chapter wanted suggestions for a Christmas project. She knew immediately that she wanted the group to “do something for my kids”.

Over the next 16 years, through the hard work of many special people, that one idea of hers has blossumed and grown into Texas Biggest Toy Run and has helped thousands of children to have a truly special Christmas.

Pepper had a wonderful, giving spirit and is missed by all who knew her. She freely gave her genuine, un-selfish love to so many children throughout her career. This run is a perfect example that one person who cares can really make a difference in this world. Her family and friends are very proud of her part in all of this, but we’re sure Pepper is just as proud of each and every one of you for continuing to care about “her kids” by demonstrating your support each year with your presence and generousity.

God Bless You All,
The family of “Pepper” Turner

One of a Kind

This run is one of a kind, it has no official sponsorship from any source and is the only run in the United States to organize in two cities simultaneously and converge in one place. In addition this run is truly unique in that no one group of motorcyclists organizes and executes this event, it is a cooperative effort of independents, clubs and organizations from all walks of the Biking Community, and we appreciate everyone one of you!

“Rain or Shine”

“This is a rain or shine event” is a saying that is proudly displayed on our event flyer. The reason is simple…Santa has to come at Christmas. It’s that simple. Motorcyclists over the years have not only braved the seasonal cold, but also, in the case of the 10th years run, faced a sleet storm. That year, to the amazement of the organizers 5,000 motorcycles and approximately 8,000 people were present. This shows the love and dedication the participants have for the groups and especially the children we benefit.

“It’s not just for Christmas Anymore”

Now you and your group can
“Help Us Help The Kids”
Throughout the year!!

The incredible amount of participants who attend this event yearly proves the committment of local motorcyclists to our cause. However, “Our Kids” need your involvement to enjoy recreational and educational services year round.

We encourage all individuals, groups and organizations to consider our cause when planning their charitable fund-raising events. After all, this charity was conceived, is produced and administrated by bikers. We hope you will consider these good reasons to think of “Our Kids” to benefit from your contributions and efforts.

If you, your group or business are interested in planning an event to benefit or underwrite a portion of the run or it’s activities, please contact us at 817-460-5497 or via e-mail at